Sunday, 8 July 2007

ooooh… pretty colors...

Been changing the font, font color, font size, template, template color, re-arranging page elements for the last few days. Finally tried to get new blogger templates and stumbled on some sites with great design. Turned out they were wordpress blogs. sighz. wahj, if you are reading this, iTheme FTW!

And after some mulling and testing (gripe: Wordpress cannot change font-type-size-color, must pay), it felt like we had reached bloggerpuberty. So we're growing up at Update links can? :-)


Monday, 2 July 2007

My stuff's coming in... Part 2

Woke up this morning and found that FedEx missed the drop. Called the service hotline and said that they couldn't deliver. Double checked details and found out that we left out our building door code in the form. Argh. Arranged for 2nd delivery on same evening. But why didn't they call us when they failed to deliver? Hmm... nemmind.

So juuuuust in case, I pop down and camped at the building entrance at 7:30pm sharp to wait for Mr FedEx, the guy came at 8:30pm. Not too bad, but he wasn't a FedEx dude, just a regular indie courier guy. More importantly, he had the package!!!! I noticed that our phone number wasn't on the form and my name's Wesky. I am russian now.

Came upstairs and opened the box. Voila, got the important stuff. Also got ze Ramen. Loves it. Thank you for packing the stuff ABBY!!!


Saturday, 30 June 2007

Shen Wei, David Alan Harvey, Alec Soth & Waiter Rant

Dono if you folks have found these blog gems, but I thought I'd better share them.

Shen Wei - Fine Art Photographer

David Alan Harvey - Magnum

Alec Soth - Magnum

Waiter Rant - One of the better blog writers with great stories, not a photographer. :-)


Friday, 29 June 2007

My stuff's coming in... woohoo!

OCD's kicking in. I am checkin' the FedEx site every 1/2 hr 15mins. :-)

It'll be a miracle if I don't get hit by VAT tax at 19.6% for the package. :-(


Epson 2100 is down: Part 2 - Resurrection

Today (1:37pm Paris time), just for the fun of it, I switched on the printer and tested it again.

And I started a 7 ink nozzle test sequence.

All of them printed fine, except for the black head which had some really weird patter. (Last time I tested, 1 nozzle died and after that 4 nozzles were completely dead)

I'm doing an alignment test now. See how first...

2:05pm Paris time. Guess what, all the heads are working!! Woohoo!! Thank God, my printer was dead but is alive again!

4:30pm Paris time. Printed a document, one thin line is missing from the black printer head, rest of the color lines are good. hmmm... will check some more.

30 June 11:33pm Paris time. Printed 2 photos. They look super, perfect. Dono what to say man, but thank God that I didn't have to fork out 700€ for a new printer. Yes Yu Hsin, it's a resurrection, for now at least. :-)


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Happy Birthday Jie Jie

Today (Singapore time) is my sister's birthday. And since young, we've always had the habit of going ga-ga at each other's birthday, with the hugs and kisses and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" at the stroke of midnight.

And for some reason, clever me forgot the time difference and waited for midnight PARIS time to do the much awaited "surprise" call. And it is only just now that I realised that ARGH! I MISSED THE 12AM in SINGAPORE!!!!!

So to my beloved Jie Jie, Happy happy birthday. I love you lots.

Blur Mei Mei

Friday, 22 June 2007

Month of Photography in Singapore: John Clang & Martin Parr

John Clang is having an exhibition 24 June - 6 July at the Substation in Singapore. Titled Clang: A White Book. Martin Parr too! Titled Retrospective at City Hall from 6 to 29 July. A must see, especially Clang's work.

Pity we can't be there. Can a kind soul take piktures and post? pweeese?


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Transformer Cosplay

Super sia. You gotta wait for the Optimus Prime dude.